Need A Cuddle

Over 40, gay, married to a mentally unstable man. We have kids. I am so lonely. I just want someone to play board games with, to laugh with, someone actually NICE to me, cuddle me at night while we watch TV.

Young folks.choose your spouses wisely. The adage is true: "marry in haste, repent in leisure". Don't ignore the warning signs of possessiveness and verbal abuse during dating. Don't date people who fear being alone, or won't ever let you be. IT WILL NOT CHANGE. THEY WILL NEVER FEEL SECURE NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO.

better off on your own.
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Aw, I am so sorry for your situation :(

heh I will keep that quote in my mind, in the meantime why don't you just ignore him and hang out with your children more? (They are honest, and can provide much enjoyment)
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