This is my first submission. From the title of this you may know why I created this account. I guess, while I am here, I may as well tell you the story;
When I was seven years old (being a 13 year-old girl now), my parents divorced. I didn't really mind it, not really comprehending what "divorcing" means. Everything was okay, simply being at my dad's one weekend every 2 weeks and Wednesdays, and being at my mother's house for most of my time so I could continue going to school in the same area. I have a sister as well, so we were very close and being able to share with her my thoughts and feelings and having her completely understand, I was able to fully express myself and that helped me a lot. Eventually, my mother wanted to start dating which I was fine with considering she deserved nothing less after divorcing my father. My sister and I wanted to be involved but her not telling us the details I only understand now. my father meanwhile began dating a coworker from his job in New York and they are perfect for each-other to this day (If you've ever watched the office, they have a resemblance to a Jim-Pam relationship!). Anyways, my mom soon found someone from My mother showed us a picture of him and his two kids, one girl and one boy, which my sister and I were very excited, mainly wanting to meet his kids, and agreed that we would be comfortable with her dating him. Not that we really had a choice, because she has been on plenty dates with him before then and they were serious enough that she could tell us about her new relationship.
That's my first submission because I'm in the mood for Netflix but I think i'll post another later.