Out of the blue last year my son was accused of abuse which I know isn't true and I have evidence to prove it. He and the family have been through hell and back by this boys accusation. Our lives have been under the microscope with people comming back to us (police, school, solicitors etc)saying what a lovely family and boy he is. He had to sleep in another house for a long period of time as he wasn't allowed to be under the same roof as his younger brother. His brother had to have weeks of work to ensure he was 'safe' in the eyes of the local council. The boy made up stories which can be proven as lies yet it all went to the cps and they said there was insufficient evidenc to persue (yep because it NEVER happened) the sad thing is that my son will now have this investigation on file for the rest of his life and that is so wrong.
We are a family that have only ever done our best, never been anything but upstanding citizens and especially my beautiful son. The day he was told about the accusation he cried and I will never forget it. The questions he asked that I couldn't answer. The pain and worry he went through, he shouldn't have had to, all because of this child but the saddest thing of all is that, yes we are strong and have just about managed to support each other but if this boy was abused then whoever is doing it is still out there doing it and it could even be his dad or mum! !
I realise that there is a very fine line in investigating these matters but surely there should be the fact that until proven guilty you are innocent and not the reverse.
My beautiful so was so strong and got himself through being arrested and giving a statement and being accused and I am happy to say he is now at university which was his dream.
Sadley though the scars still remain. My husband lost his business and had a breakdown. I have lost my business and a part time teaching assistant job and am close to breaking point, we are broke and my youngest is in counselling and life is shit but so much better than the time we were going through the accusation.
I am furious that this child can make such an accusation, rip peoples lives apart, ruin a young mans outstanding image and reputation for life and cause so much hurt and pain and waste so much police and social services time without anything being done or said to him.
He may have mental health issues which are being ignored and it may have been a cry of help from him but on the other hand he may get some perverse pleasure from doing this and I worry who the next person will be. I don't trust anyone anymore and I hate this world for doing this to my lovely son. I can't even take legal action to get back at him as I am broke - life sucks! !