My Rap.. Haha

My soul broke
now I'm out here
tryin to make it whole
three knives I stole
it changed my life forever
whoa I see you standin there
arms wide, ready to embrace
at the sight of your face I turn
cuz my attitude makes my insides burn
i move solo and I move real slow
tho I wish I could take this pain away
no words cept to my brother may
i lived in my thoughts
tryin to wrap up my childhood
could you help a young brother
would you help another
all I learned is to remain true
if you cant
then it means youre through
in this life ive learned a lot
i was taught
but only learned through my thoughts
even smoked a pound of pot
quit all that
but remained with the same lot
committin crimes and dodgin cops
made it to college
try to broaden my knowledge
but you know, is it worth it
does it even mean shit
i dont know
my cigarette I smoke
and remain on the go
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I like it! creative!! i dont listen to rap but i like it
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OMG I LMFAO so hard. Thank you!
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