My Online Man

This fine man has caught my eye
Ever since I met him online
His words give me wings to fly
Fly to cloud number nine.

I sail in dreams that he paints
in deep and sexy eyes that smile,
my mind whispers in complaints
teasing pleasures with his guile

My heart and mind are now at war
This online man has bewitched me
"Does he love me?" My mind implores
Implores of his honesty

My crazy heart doesn't care though
All it knows is, "I love you"
My online fine man, be my beau
Beau in this online tryst of two
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anonymous user
It's all a lie. People spin crap online to multiple people, have secret lives, and when you're hooked they keep you as options until one day they lie to you or simply -poof- disappear. That's the thing about online, when they don't want you around theyll tell you theyve got a bad internet connection. If you want to play games with your own heart, date online.
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