Here’s a tip ; Never underestimate on how you look at guy.Their deliciously good looks may fool you.Don’t get me started on their charm, even! That is like their one and only secret weapon to capture a “Gazelle” and lock them in their cage.Their minds are un’decode’able.You can’t even unlock those manipulative minds of theirs.It is totally unreadable.Boys have this wild (or shall I say ‘rare’) ability to play with our sacred minds.It’s like they Jedi-minded you.It can control you and will make you thirst for more. One day they tell you that “you’re the one” , and the next thing you know, they’re in a freaking relationship with someone else! Like WHAT THE F*CK? (forgive my language).Well I got to admit, they are actually kindda good.I mean there really is another version of Barney Stinson, who can easily charm girls with that good looks of his.Not everyone gets to win to the top prize.The fact that it is NOT always easy to swallow, and you can say that you’re living your life as a well known LOSER.Life as a consolation prize, SUCKS.So bad.Cause you will always be reminded as the “LOSER”.You’ll always get the sympathy vote.It’s just that they don’t really love you, or shall I say “into you” , but they just love having you around.We are like their puppets.Stupid enough to think that we even had the chance to be theirs.Sucky, huh?