My dear,

Have I been too approachable with my foundness for you?
If so, I'm sorry. I'll step back a little, and still admire you from
afar keeping you close within my heart; just as long as I could still
look into your beautiful eyes simultaneously daydreaming of you and I.
I really wish I could tell you warmly of what I dream of each and every time
I'm near your natural sweetness of a beautiful kind. Let me give you a brief description of what's going on in my mind when I'm standing close to you
chatting with you while I'm looking within your gorgeous eyes. For a moment I picture us softy touching, and caressing entwining into one.
As I look at your lips next to you wanting to passionately kiss
them so much. I then come back to reality, as we part I wish it could come true.

My dear friend, I really wish I could share a few moments with you.
I must say again, you are some kind of wonderful, and I truly hope
that one day I can privately express to you my truest affection. My dear,
One of these days into the right time and place, would you return my approaching foundness?

Sincerely From
"( ( ( ( You know who ) ) ) ) ) " ;)