My 2010 confession

Where can I start, your the most amazing girl I've ever been with, you're drop-dead gorgeous, I couldn't even imagine to think about what my life would be without your amazing-ness in it everyday.It's coming on 9 months, and let me tell you, I wouldn't trade any of this for the world, it means that much to me babe.You're my first thought every day, and my last thought when I go to bed (if I even do, cause I'm too busy thinking about you ?).One day, when I get the honor to marry you, and officially be able to call you by my last name (even though I already do), that will the the culmination of my life.Being able to call you my wife, that's just the most amazing thing that could ever happen, because with you, I feel so complete.Even when my life isn't at it's greatest with everything else, I hear your voice and everything's great again, just because of you.Yeah, we had some problems in the past, but no matter who or what got in our way, we always made it through it, because we're meant to be.Nothing or no one will ever change the way I feel about you baby, I love you so fucking much with everything I've got and more, now and for the rest of time, my wife ?
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OMG thank you beautiful, baby boi,
i'm diggin that,
i would be on that any day,
love you so much it hurts sometimes,
i think about you whilst having a warm bath,
love you so fucking much, your my world,
your the butter to my crumpet,
your the reason my heart beats,
i want you in me until it hurts and cry "STOP MY PASSIONATE LOVER, NO MORE FOR I SHALL GET THRUSH!"
Now and until i get bored of you, my husband,
from your lover, the tempted lesbian, but practically, mainly straight woman.

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