A cute trick I'm picking up on: if I throw any old random crap into a box to sort it all out after I have moved in, but then top the box off and hide the contents below with a big plushie or quaint decor or nice dishes, etc., it makes things look neat and gives off the illusion that I'm a pretty packer. It looks kinda nice, which makes me feel kinda nice, no matter what disaster and slack is actually inside these boxes.

But, not to be unfair to myself. Giving credit where credit is due, I really plowed through, last night, even though it still doesn't look like I made much of a dent, I know different, that I worked non-stop except for a few hours of sleep. I still have the motivation to keep going today, now that I'm awake again. It's definite that I'm not wasting this rare day off.

I had a little (big) help with the pep from an unlikely source. A friend of mine had me over last night, and, long story short, I made it home with very little of it, but the absolute most incredible marijuana strain I think I've ever had. Bow down to King Kush. Wow! It was worth dipping into the bong again for the two bowls it afforded. I'm even being a very good girlfriend and saving the rest I have to let Derek try it, when I really just want it all to myself. But, it's under stipulation that he help me move some boxes just beforehand. That was also a neat trick that I pulled off. Get him set up and arranged even down to a time for him to try the best green ever, then throw the "oh, but can you help me first? *eyelashes bat*". LOL! I know he would have helped anyway. He uses " we" a lot when we discuss my moving, and he has already agreed to help. Well, now's the start!

Today will be the first time he meets my parents. I've been really curious to see how he and my mom get on. He is so like her in a lot of ways, and they are both strong personalities, it can either go very well or very badly, no in between. Kinda anxious about it, actually.