What are mistakes
They are just something wrong that we have done
but what if we keep repeating our mistakes
the same ones?
some will say you will learn from it
some will say you are deliberately doing it
some will say you are a waste of space
if we know what is good and what is bad then why are we making the same mistakes?
why am i deliberately being a waste of space
i want to do good
but how?
i want to not make the same mistakes
but how?
i am better dead
i keep telling myself
but if i die then what will happen to my mistakes?
they will remain unchanged.
i will still be a waste of space
a person no better than a corpse
i want to improve
i want to become what people want me to become
but if they give me no more chance ,
i will become a living dead person
with no hope inside me of doing better
with no feelings
with no memories
with no soul
with nothing inside me
absolutely nothing
i know they have given me enough chances
But please give me a chance this very last time,will you?
I promise things will get better.