I'm glad that my parents toted me around to wherever they wanted, regardless if I was jazzed about it or not. And, mostly, not. As a kid, long-arse drives are BOOOORRRRING. Old country "quaint" (aka: ugly) houses and open houses are boring. Scenery is boring. Visiting old family friends to sit in their living roooms and be subject to hours upon hours of grown-up talk amoungst themselves is boring. Those weird restaurants with the weird food that isn't good for kid pallets isn't fun. But, I was such a good kid, when I think of it. I never put up a stink or made things difficult for my parents. I had so much imagination that I would entertain myself endlessly with my own thoughts on these occasions. I was patient and content. I never needed stimulation outside of myself. Other kids would be pulling their hair out and flailing about in temper tantrums from the sheer oldtimey boringness of it all.

But, I find myself missing some of these drives and places, all of them overlooked and underappreciated as a child, now as adult, wish to go back to experience it now. I think I would like to visit that one restaurant again, that I always thought was meh, and finally look with real open eyes at the scenery that my parents seemed to be so in awe of. I like some of these old houses, now. I would love to go on these drives, now. I kinda get it, now.

So, I hope my parents enjoyed their time and the experiences that they really wanted to have without having to filter or adjust because of me. I'm glad that I was no trouble as a kid or teen to let them do that.

I would really like to call my mom right now and tell her some of this, but it's 10:30pm, and although I know she's up, I always feel that anytime after 10 is a little too late to call. Plus, it sorta bums me out that my parents are getting old in a way that they are no longer interested in too much, anymore, hardly adventurous. At least, it seems that way. They'll still go on drives with each other, but only on occasion, not to those places, and not with the same energy or passion behind it.