I'm short of breath and trying to ignore the slight pressure on my chest.My heart feels heavy and leadened with a thick, apathetic sadness that infects me like a virus; branching from the middle of my core, constricting my abdominal cavity, and inching it's way down my spinal chord.As it courses through my veins and flows into the tips of my fingers the contagion starts it's gradual process of eating away at it's host; slowly breaking me down, bit by bit I'm weakening.She seems distant, every move I make towards her she counters with a blank stare, clearly avoiding my gaze, and a walk to whoever else is closest.I'm not sure if it's because I'm "awkward" or just plain moronic but some of the words she utters feel like bullets piercing through my body and sending me stumbling back a few feet.Her attitude towards me has turned to hatred but I still care for her dearly and wish she knew this.If I could just be alone with her I feel the problems would be corrected.Every word I say she reacts with a sacarstic remark that honestly just makes me feel like shit.I think she just wants to break up with me so she breaks my heart without a care in the world.