Me And My Hot Teacher

Okay so, I’m 15, I live in Europe and I go to a school where one guy works. For my age I am very mature; not only I look very much older, but I “act older” too. He is not exactly a teacher, he helps most of the time with things that need to be done a runs a drama class.
I’m sorry this will be long, but worh it!
Well, he is really hot and I really like him, not jusr because of his looks, but he is just a great guy. When he started working in our school, I noticed him, but didn’t really care, because he’s my “teacher”.
But then he started noticing me. It started just with him looking at me, smiling, but then he was teasing me, touching me (not in a creepy way, just a friendly touch) , laughing at my jokes ect.
I enjoyed his attention and being totally honest, I am good looking and funny, so I assumed he likes me a little bit. We both could totally feel the chemistry.
But then it got different, we went on a school trip on the end of last school year and it totally changed the whole situation with one moment. There was a lake near the place we were staying in, one day the whole school went swimming and he was standing really near the water so I pushed him in, but he didn’t know who pushed him in, because he was standing face to the water. When he got out of the water he looked kind of angry and you could see him looking for the person who pushed him.
I was standing in a group of girls and acting like I didn’t do nothing, when all of the sudden he grabbed me and you could see that he just knew it was me who pushed him. First he pushed me on the ground and he layed on me with his wet clothes! Then he grabbed me and threw me into the water. Later that day, when we were sitting by the fireplace, I was wearing a dress where you could really see my chest area. He sat next to me and noticed a huge scratch basically above my boobs. He said it must’ve been from the “fight” we had earlier that day. He made jokes about it for a long time.
So as I said this started a whole new thing. Him offering me his jacket when it was raining/cold, offering me whatever would help me with something, when we were helping with some stuff. but most importantly:
There was an event at our school, and it was really big. It ended at 8 or 9 pm and I helped cleaning some stuff after the whole day. I was the last student there with my friend. When we were done cleaning the whole school, my friend asked me if which way I’m going home. Since I live pretty far away I said that I don’t really know, but I’m gonna be home probably by 11pm. When I said that, the “teacher” just passed by. When I was waiting for my friend to get his things, the teacher came to me and offered me a ride. I said no at first, but I really didn’t want to be home this late, so I agreed.
When we got in the car he started asking me what do I like. I said I don’t really want to talk, because I’m tired, so he asked me to ask him some things and he’s gonna talk then.
Since the first thing he asked me was what do I like, I asked him the same thing, to which he replied “You”. I kind of freaked out at first, but I just told myself it was just a joke. It was quiet for few minutes after that. Then he started talking again and he was looking at me all the time (I was pretty scared, he wasn’t focusing on driving lol)
I could feel, that he was really trying to not do anything, all he could do was smile, make so much jokes and look at me. when I got home I just said bye.
We both were pretty shy the next day at school.

Now, it’s the beggining of the school year, and the school went on a trip, I didn’t go and the first day I got a text from him saying “Where are you?:(“
I know this story sounds very childish, but this is my last year at the school and I do not know how to act around him. It’s obvious he likes me and when I will quit this school there is nothing standing between us and I have a feeling , that he would do something. If you’re asking, the legal sex age is 15 in my country. He has a girlfriend, he said they have an open realtionship.
And I also am aware of the fact, that a relationship with a person who is 27 very probably wont last, but I think you guys get it.
I feel like I’m falling in love, it’s so stupid. I think about him so often, we just connected. He knows these things too, that’s why he has never done something more, he is very smart, but yet still trying not to actually do something.

If you read this to the end I’m proud of you haha x. Just let me know what you think of it.

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I don't think it's wrong tbh. If it's legal and both sides give consent then it's fine. When I was freshly 16 I got in a flirtationship with a 30 year old and at first it was fine and everything was good (it's legal so it's fine) but after about a month the age gap became super noticeable. He started treating me like I was his daughter. I asked someone I knew who used to be in a relationship with a 27 year old when she was 16 and she told me that the same thing happened to her. So I guess the start is easy but eventually it might lead into a father/daughter romance type of vibe. If you're into that then go for it but if not then kinda tread lightly, dude. But other than that it's fine to fancy older guys. You're not in the wrong, in my opinion.
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I can't tell if you're a troll. I think this is wrong tbh and you're a lot younger than him. wild that he pushed you to the ground and didn't get fired.
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lucky guy. . .
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