My ”hilarious” experience at McFoofkle’s.
Text version:
So this guy works at McDounald’s, and it turns out to be me. Yeah, I know. Wow. Amazing. So impressive. I got paid: with money. Unbelievable. So anyways, I worked at the McDounald’s store on the side of the road. The address was 420 Weeaboo Avenue. But aside all that, let's discuss my first day working at this magical shithole. So as I walked in, my pee wee jiggled in excitement as I explored the vast space of the restaurant. As the day progressed, all I saw were Asian Americans, it was crazy. My uniform resembled something of that of WW2 and I covered the Nazi swastikas with McDonald’s stickers I found in the dumps where I was living at the time. I.don’t make a lot of money, honestly. So get this, McDonald’s paired with our sister company, Porn Hub, and now we’re selling the finest plastic toys. From dildos to plastic vaginas we can finally educate the kiddies about the birds and the bees effectively. So every 2 bathrooms I cleaned, I earned a dime annually, but that pesky Pornhub threw it down the sewers. You know what they say, “Plastic toys for the kiddies is better for the biddies”. Before the doors open I make sure every bathroom is scrubbed down to the bone until I have a boner. Then I make sure the transgender bathrooms are extra clean; I even inspect the toilets to clarify they're all transgender. As people can commit these acts irresponsibly, I am a certified transgender inspector and I can tell who's a gender trans! Now for a love story: My flavorous flounder flopped in frustrating catastrophe as I saw an Asian lady. That’s all I saw, no clothes, skin, hair, limbs; it was just her floating genitalia. So I thought, mmmmmm I can shove food up her imaginary booty and it would taste good. Maybe even establish a store in there, conveniently placed in an Asian lady’s floating poop hole! So I walked up to her, and I discussed the whole idea. Of course, since she only had her badonkajonk, she responded back to me in the best Asian interpretation I’ve ever heard. “Wingowaaa chin no wa Chi Chi f**k your face wawaaa nenoni aninalan chichi.” From that crap forward, I realized what I wanted to do with my life. Work at a restaurant owned by a porn company that sells sex toys in kids’ meals and feeds floating genitalia and Asians food not even qualified as food. Un Ba Leave uble!

So with all that to fathom, I leave you with this
.weeaboos are life. They underpin the ever growing industry of our Asian-supported fast food community. The more they eat, the more richerer we become. Now I may sound like a complete f*****g idiot but believe me, I knows what's I'm sayings.

Phew. Now that I let that out of my system, I'm gonna go service myself in the transgender urinal. Au revoir les chattes ya ignoramuses.