I dunno what happened but I posted this lke 5 hours ago and it was just totally gone I guess it got deleted somehow but I really love this poem so I feel like I have to share it

The reason to go back in time
To give you reasons to stay
To see your smiles
To keep your laughter
We could find a million reasons to make you stay
Wishing that you wouldn’t look away
The day you went on your last journey
The day I wish you were here with me
Refusing to believe that it had been your fate
Still asking had we all been too late?
Letting your pain run wild
Till the day we lost your smile
Though I never saw the tears you cried
Still I wish I’d wiped them dry
I wish I could stop what was eating you up inside
So your soul would be unravaged by time and tide
Through all the years that have passed me by
You still live here in this heart where there is no goodbye


More love around the world waiting for you than you ever knew

i found this and it's spoken so beautifully and its for anyone on this site that has ever lost a loved one.....
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not entirely, it was me and one other person who wrote it together over a really old myspace comment, i was still 15, i wrote it for my girlfriend ellie who passed away and she was writing for a drummer from a band that we both really liked(he commited suicide because of schitzophrenia)

i found it early this morning on accident i feel kinda bad that i almost totally forgot about it
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That's beautiful!
Did you write that?
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I like it :)
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