2 years in the relationship.From the get he was friendly with every girl, that's just the way he is.He's taken it way too far at times though & even cheated.I am still Crazyy in love and I hate it.We're apart now but "working on things" I'm not supposed to care that he's hanging out with other girls or on the phone with them till 5 am, but I do.It kills me.I'm just always so sad because of him.I know its time to let go, but this is the hardest thing I've ever had to do.Should I just stop talking to him out of no where? Because if I tell him I don't want this anymore he'll start making me feel guilty and saying "alright, deuces" & then posting things on twitter & Facebook about being single and just mKin my life miserable.Guys, I really need some advice.Please.:'(