Love, lust. <3

I want him to stare into my eyes, through the dark mysterious brown of his,
and slide his strong arms around my back, as he moves in close,
and as his face is close to mine, I want to feel the warmth of his breathe, and smell nothing but his cologne.
I'd put my head on his shoulder, as he hugs me tight but gently,
i'd feel his strong body against mine as we lay down closer than ever,
and feel his soft hair as he whispers in my ear,
i'd let him kiss me, again and again.
He could hold me tight and tell me he loves me, and i'd never feel better.
He could pull off his clothes and mine, as he makes sure this is what I want,
i'd let him thrust into me, as our bodies finally connect.
His smell would linger and he would be sweet as he always is, consulting me every move he made,
i would convince him I want this, and kiss his soft gentle lips with my eyes shut tight.
Afterwards, i'd let him hold on to me, and never let go.As long as he promises to love me as best he can.
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WOW! that was good.
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