Three years ago when we met I wasn't planning on getting into anything serious.Somehow you managed to captivate me with your charm, good looks, and all of those pretty words that came out of that mouth.

I knew from the beginning you were cheating on me, I know that making you wait for sex made you go elsewhere (just like that dirty ass chick you slept with the night before I finally felt comforatable to have sex with you, you tried to didnt work)

I knew you were staying over at you best friends house (who just happened to be another girl) just to have sex with her.We were dating, you and I, if you didn't know.

You must think I'm an idiot.But I know you're right.What other reason would there be for me sticking with you?

I'm just a coward who can't stand up for myself.I've had my self esteem beat out of me.I'm more self conscious than a girl in high school (and I wasn't when I was in high school)

You've changed me.

But not for the better.

Some how ...I love you.