Numb and alone.
thats how I feel most of the time.
...well all the time.
and few have ever made me feel otherwise.
lp, maggie, kerry..before she died and after.
shelby used to...but I lost her, drugs really are a bad choice.
these are the people who mean the world to me.
the people who I would put my life or my happiness on the line for.
but even with begining to shut down.
i just, I'm not happy, not sad, not angry.
the closest I came to feeling something in weeks was when lp's gf pushed him too far and I was idk...angry? but I'm not even sure you could call it that.

i need to feel something again.
and I'm not sure how.
not feeling, just makes me think that I am worthless.useless.a burden to my friends.