My dear friend,

When you walk by with your fabulous walk,
could I be honored to share with you a gentle gaze?
Holding a beautiful glance with you for a few moments
would mean so much to me, that silently if you were able to hear
my words within my thoughts, and feel whats in my heart while
I'm looking within your breathtaking eyes you would hear me say
a hundred times "you're so beautiful, warm, gentle, sentimental, caring ,
with an amazing personality, and of course very gorgeous too.

My dear, let's travel within our daydreams as we gaze into each other's
eye's. For only a few precious moments let's share gentle kisses, and soft whispers while we entwine into one. Let's simultaneously imagine together, as
we stand close to each other silently sharing glances within each others eyes.

( ( ( ( ( You know who))))))" xoxo