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Why is it that when you grow up learning and striving to be an independent person; you become a strong person. But as you fight to be an individual that's a stand up person, a better human, the longer you do it you start to lose something you didn't know you needed. You lose your ability to know how to fight for an us. You just keep strengthening your knowledge of fighting for a me. And then, that moment when an us actually comes into view, it's amazing and you start feeling apart of a team, but then as life does, things get harder and it comes a time to fight and no matter what you do. The knowledge that wins out isn't for the desired for us, it is for the familiar and the habitual - the fight for me. You lose what you wanted and gained another reason to keep fighting for only yourself.
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Ok, that's the hypothesis of the most common problem in this age.
Reached a conclusion regarding solution?

Personally I think we are capable of chosing what we need most and eventually when we are ready for an us, we fight for it when right person arrives.

Usually we chose ourselves, work,hobbies over the "us" when person we're with does not interest us enough.

Merely a hypothesis.
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