Last night when everyone went to sleep,
I stood awake, and thoughts of you were on my mind;
wondering if you could truly be on this site, and on
the other one too. I thought of when we first met,
"Despite" of the condition I was in, your beauty really
Caught my attention I felt this instant attraction towards you
as if there was this unspoken chemistry between us.

I remember that one time we have done a task together,
and I had the two objects in my hands as we sat face to face
together, I thought to myself, " wow this person is so beautiful,"
as I was looking at you from head to toe. I hope at that time I didn't
make you feel uncomfortable? But the reason for that was because I was
just amazed by everything about you, further by the way you specified yourself in every beautiful and unique way. Until this day, I still see a very attractive and amazing person that you are. But I now find you more beautiful since I was able to get to know a little bit more of you just
being around you for moments at a time.

I really wish I could finally whisper all of this to you. In my eyes,
I see this beautiful smart, sentimental, caring, sensitive, and sweet
person that's what I see each time I look at you. I feel very lucky to have met you, and it's truly an honor to be around your presence, even if it's
only for short periods of a time. Last night before I fell asleep, I was daydreaming of you and me. Wishing one day we could meet somewhere my dear, I would meet you anywhere even if I had to climb mountains I would do it for you. Back to the daydream, I was thinking of how it would feel to deeply gaze within your gorgeous pool's of green and blue while I softly touch your lips with mine. I then closed my eyes holding the pillow wishing
I was holding you. ;)

( ( ( ( You know who ) ) ) ) ) Have a wonderful day. xoxo