I can never understand what compels people to do nasty things to their fellow human being.
No one ever wins when you are vexatious towards one another.
Please don't waste another second of your time on dark souls.

Experience tells me that revenge is not worth the energy.
The best thing you can do when someone does the unimaginable to you is to walk away and never look back.
Work towards improving yourself and focus all your energies on positive things, even though the situation looks bleak and uncertain, at the time.

Out of adversity, comes good things.
You have to be strong and walk with your head up high, despite all the gossip and rumours, that come your way.
Any bad agendas will come out in the wash.
Treat others the way you would like to be treated, even if they are unable to see what good you are trying to do.
Be strong because life has a way of making you shine bright despite all the ugliness that clouds your beauty.