Just Wanna Disappear

Lately i've been feeling worthless. Thats it. Sometimes I just wonder how easy it would be to just let go of everything and disappear from the world.
But then I feel guilty for thinking so selfishly. My parents and sister would be devastated and I don't want them to feel pain. They deserve so much better, and I just can't deliever what they deserve.
I wish I could click a reset button on my life.
Fix my mistakes and go on with life.
I wish there was someone I could just pour out all my worries while they comforted me and helped me fix my mistakes in life.
I'm not ready for the world. I dont think i ever will be. And I just want to give up.
I just want to hide and disappear.
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Why do you want to disappear though? What is bad that you want to reset and start over?
It's actually pretty tricky to do right. If you have an online presence, know little about the uses of shell companies and trusts, don't have any other languages that you speak, then you can probably give up on the idea of effectively disappearing.

It takes a lot more skill than most people realise, and the odds drop in proportion to the number of people who are actively looking for you.

Do some research on it.
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