Lately I had been feeling lonely, and annoyed at my lack of communication skills with friends and even strangers. I envied tight knit friendships and even my own friends that went out often with others. But last night my friends and I were talking online about how we all felt about our start at university.
Let's call them Eirene and Athena?
So Eirene mentioned that she didn't like the atmosphere of the people in her classes, to her they all seemed dead and for someone who thrives off other peoples energy, you can imagine how excruciating that must've been for her. She said she was finding it difficult to settle in. Athena on the other hand was completely fine with not knowing anyone. She constantly talks about how independent she is (which I am proud of cause it's great being independent) and doesn't care about what others think (which she unknowingly does a lot of the time).
Anyways I said I was trying my best to meet new people but conversations never go anywhere past work-related things.
In response, Athena laughed, "omg your the worst at holding conversations, when we talk its always me holding the conversations"
Now, me being very sensitive lately about my lack of communication skills, got a little annoyed and sad. Because this has been an issue I have been dwelling over the past few weeks about, and she kinda shoved it further into my head. I don't blame her though, she doesn't know how I've been feeling, so I wasn't mad at her.
A few minutes later, I received a private message from Eirene.
"While you suck at maintaining conversations, you're a good listener and respond well to things"
I'm not sure what came over me, but I burst into tears after reading that. Reading over it now , it sounds so minuscule and plain, but last night.

It was just the words I needed to hear :)