Just a poem i guess

Oh how I laugh at my own stupidity,
for believing all your lies,
I was never enough,
And even though I want to cry,
I'll hold in my tears and heal myself with time,

I know I shouldnt let this get to me,
I know that I'm gonna be fine,
But its the fact I let you enter me,
Revealing all my crimes,

I should walk away while I'm still partially alive,
But I cant let you go just yet,
And even though your killing me slowly,
Maybe u want you to,
Maybe I just cant bare losing you

You're tearing me to shreds,
But I love it,
I'm going insane,
But hey I already was,
No one to blame,

Now, you have seen me,
Can I see you?
Who are you?
End your masquerade

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thank you
I usually dont like my poems so i post them anonymously xP
But i can assure you im not the person who keeps posting poems..
I just needed to get some stuff off my chest :P
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I just gotta say, this poem is epic.
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