My dear,

I really wish I could tell you how much I miss our little chats.
Walking into the place just brushing through is only making me feel like
we are back to being strangers; wondering if I should stay, or head on outdoor. My dear, the only way I'll head out for good, is if you give me a strong indication that you don't want me there then I'm gone. Otherwise I don't want to go anywhere else I just love being within your beautiful presences even if it's just for a few minutes.

My dear, what I really miss the most of our little chats is looking into your gorgeous eyes. " I know I'm probably sounding very repetitive," but I could never get tired of saying just how beautiful you truly are, because that's what you are inside and out. All I really wish for is to spend a little more time with you. Well, I guess I'll find another way, even if it's only for ten minutes more just to stand close to you, and listen to all you have to say. Sweetheart, everything you talk about is interesting. You're such an interesting beautiful person that I would like to truly get to know more of.

"Just to spend a little more time with you" would really make my day in so many different ways. Each time I look at you my heart smiles. Sometimes I feel like telling you how beautiful you are as I caress your gorgeous face while I'm gazing within your beautiful eyes. My dear, that's what is always on my mind when I'm looking into your eyes each time we have our little chats.

( ( ( ( You know who ) ) ) ) ) Have a great day. ;)