Just A Little Lost

Me and my fiancé have been together for almost 5 years, I was 13 when I got with him I am 19 now. We're engaged moved into our own home. Me and him had a rough start our second year together was he'll. But things worked out, we both changed dramatically for each other and since then we were happy we never fought, we just were so in love. I graduated high school at 18 and moved out with him. It's almost been a year and it has been f*****g rough. I became very depressed for 6months and I think that took a toll on us. I didn't work I didn't do anything, I just played in bed all day. Now about 4 months ago I started working and making my own money. But he wants me to be a house wife, to cook and clean for him do everything for him. Which a year ago is what I wanted to do but now I'm over it. I want to go on trips and adventures with him but he doesn't want to do anything. We stopped having sex, stopped talking to each other, we just stoped caring. I started having thoughts of cheating which I would never do, and not cheating physically but cheating emotionally. the thought of having someone to talk to and someone to care about me is something I long for. so instead of being a peice of s**t i talked to my fiancè about the thoughts and about how I feel. We shared some strong words. I cried but I'm glad he told me how he felt because he never shows any emotion. I never know what he wants. But now I know that I am in the wrong as well. We both have a lot we need to work out. It's been about a week now since all this and I do see progress, I feel like I have done a little more then him but instead of being a b***h about it and yelling like I do I talk to him more and when I tell him I want attention or love he understands he apologizes and he gets to spend time with me. It's been hard. But I honestly want to be with this man for ever. He has been here for me since forever. I just love him and can't imagine anyone else in his position. And he feels the same about me. That's why we're trying to work out s**t out. It's just so tiring. I just want us to be happy and that's it. But I know in time things will get better. I just wanted to vent thank you for listening.
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Thank you for sharing this.
I know this has got to be a very rough time for you personally and for you in your marriage. I'm super proud of you for talking with him about how you have been feeling and what's been on your mind. That's brave, and I know that will strengthen your guys' relationship in the long run.
I love this book called The Meaning Of Marriage by Timothy Keller is you ever want to give it a try. I am not kidding, it is great!
But regardless, I want you to know you rock, and I'll be praying for you and him and for your peace of mind in an emotionally exhausting time in your relationship. Remember you will both get through this together and you will be closer when you do. That is a beautiful thing :)

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