My dear,

Instead of trying to find the perfect word of who we are, let's find a way to make this connection known with our words. We can still maintain to our separate individual world's, but dear, we can make this real; even though, we both can't find the words to confirm this secret outside of these site's. My dear, let's find a way to finally make this clear through our real whispers of air. I promise you it would only be our secret affair.

Yes my dear, I feel this connection is unbreakable too. I always feel you close to my heart. At times when you're having a hard day I can feel your pain too. I just know by the look in your eyes, even if you try to hide it. I then wish I can take all your pain away. But I know it could never happen that way. All I want to do in that moment is to hold you, and comfort you to help you forget your problems.

So, let's try to find the perfect words to finally break this silence that's only read from one site to another. Let's make this special sparkle visible from real whispers of our air while we gaze within each others eyes. Oh, "once again you've said evey word that describes everything I'm feeling too, " but I really wish one day we can find a way to talk , and share these feelings. "

((((((You know who))))