So my friends have been bullying me now and theres a couple people on here writing mean comments. I talked to my cousin on my dad's side and she says that he told everyone that he got me taken away because he touched me but that it wasn't true and now only one person believes me on that side and that's something not even blood related it's my stepmoms sister my cousin even said she doesn't know what to believe and turns out my step Brothers hate me for getting them taken away but I only wanted them to be safe from dad betting me but they hate me cause they can't see their mom. My dad's parents know and they don't believe me and what's crazy is I actually missed the whole family but now the friends that have been bullying me and the family problems have made me to the point I want to die. My old friends names are Hailey Breanna and Brittany and their bullying me about my dad and saying it never happened and that I'm never gonna see my family again and after I told one of them to stop the other one desides to start commenting on my things too and was saying how it was my fault the boys where taken away and that I lied about it all and I'm like I never lied and I hate how no one believes me because why would I lie about something like that. Also the judge for my dad says he doesn't believe it happened cause Im not broken or hurt enough and I'm super p****d off because I'm like I'm sorry I'm not broken enough for you even though I cry every night relapse constantly and pray that God will just kill me not to forget all the times I've tried to kill myself I wish they had worked I just want to die and I'm starting to give up and ive been starving myself which isn't good because I'm already pretty thin I just still hate myself but my mom and friend say I'm thin and that it'd be way to unhealthy to starve myself but I'm ok with that maybe if I'm lucky it'll kill me I just want everything to stop I want it to stop hurting to stop sucking I want my life to stop I want it to come to an end but yet it doesn't why can't I just die my life is pointless if I died it wouldn't change the future much because I'm one person I'm nothing there are so many prettier skinnier and better people out there I don't understand how I have the few friends I do I just wish people would stop caring about me so I can kill myself and not have to worry about what happens to the people I leave behind