That every single CD in your Civic's player was left unscathed from your accident, without a scratch. All but one. The only CD in the bunch that was mine. All of yours were left in perfect pristine condition.

So not fair. I had been anticipating this moment of musical rescue and release since 2010. How excited I was when Steve got the player open and got the CDs out a couple of months ago, and I saw Beaucoup Fish for the first time in years, thew it in a player to listen to for the first time in as many years, just to immediately hear skipping, then to discover the thing was destroyed by a clear cut crack in the centre. Unbelievable. Really. How on Earth is that fair? But, shrugging that off better than I ever imagined I could have, I wasn't about to let it stop me from having this experience.

I ended up finding an unredeemed iTunes gift card of yours, and bought the f├╝cker, outright. The original CD wasn't even mine. It was Kyle's, who gifted it to me, which we all loved, and which you later loved, too. Loved enough that we have as many memories associated with the album together as I had with Matt and my old group of friends before you and I.

I remember this album with us during IKEA trips for items that I have no doubt recently been forced to dispose of throughout these past few months. Long drives, especially into the city. I remember you telling me of your old bestie's extreme distaste for the album when you had let him hear it. He didn't get was wrong with you for liking it (nice red flag I missed there). I remember a conversation of songs that sound like sex, that sexually arouses, that get ya hot. And, I remember you saying that the first track, Cups, was yours. But, who knows, now. You likely probably didn't know what the hell I was talking about or meant, but spewed something agreeable enough so that I'd think that we were simpatico.

I don't remember where I was going with this, but just that I have this, Midnite Vultures, and Joshua Tree as my staples for the past few weeks. I've decided to just go ahead and soak myself in all of what was, hopefully to have a really large flush of you and us.