for us to run away,
and be together,
for eternity.

We can gaze,
at the stars,
the moon
and the sun,
side by side,
hand in hand,
soul to soul,
enjoying the wonders,
of this precious life.

We can leave,
our old world behind,
and just start anew.

We spend our
whole life,
not intentionally,
looking for one another,
then by chance,
our encounter,
is like,
the sun,
which becomes
totally eclipsed,
by the moon.

Not having you,
in my life,
is like not being
able to breathe.
If I think of you,
It tears me up inside.

Out of the million
stars in the galaxy,
by serendipity,
we found each other.
How many people get this
special occurrence,
in their lifetime.