Is it just a word that stands alone, with the scales of balance always in favour of those who do wrong?
Is it a romantic notion we have concocted, to make us believe that all the wrongs of the world will be made right?
Justice hides for a while.
Suddenly, out of the darkness, it comes to the light.
It comes out to make things right, when one least expects it!
It just does not come, when we want it.
Do we have to keep fighting for what is right and if so, is there a time when you have to stop because there is no point in fighting?
Does Justice show a little mercy when people have some compassion?
There must be some light at the end of the tunnel or else she would not make an appearance when you have lost faith.
Or does lady justice, mysteriously appear and make those scales of balance tip in ones favour, once man admits to their failures?
Only time will tell.
Where is justice when people abuse people?
Where is justice for the homeless, the poor, the sick and dying?
Where is justice when one has been wrongly accused?
Where is justice when corruption erodes everything?
Where is justice when innocent people are being killed?
Where is justice when people who do wrong lie?
Where is justice when you try to do right?
Where is justice when those who have power abuse it?
Where is justice when innocent people get caught up in a corrupt system?
When you are not looking for it, I believe God will restore your broken life.
God sees everything that man believes no one can see.
It is pointless waiting for man to right all the wrongs.
When anyone breaks the Laws Of God, it eventually catches up with them.
The Laws that men make are a joke.
Sadly, it seems that many don't have a conscience, anymore.
When you trip your brother up, it comes back to you like a boomerang and when it hits you unexpectedly, you keep thinking: Why me!
Justice only exists for a selected few, in the physical.
Justice, is true and pure.
In this day and age it has become a dirty word.
Perverse, devious, crafty, manipulative, abusive, unjust, corrupt and I could go on and on however, why do I have to waste my energy on those who lie.
Justice ~ it comes when you least expect it!