Today a substitute teacher changed my perspective on life.
I told him I wasn't good enough to be an artist, that I was afraid I would fail, that I was going to end up working in an office, typing up reports, answering phones because; I'm not smart enough for anything except community college, & I have one passion and that is art.I kept picturing myself as a mediocre no-talent wannabe, except he made me realize you live once.
Take a chance.Don't take the easy way- out the convenient job that sucks the creativity from your soul and leaves your head numb from glaring computer screens and fluorescent lights.Yes you might make more money taking this route.Yes it may be easier short term, but how long could you take it? How long could you sit at a desk-staring at lists of numbers, names that mean nothing to anyone except greedy lifeless insurance agencies?
I'm going to do what I love.Do what has been my therapy, my salvation and my outlet.Starving artist I shall be.I want to create.I want to inspire! I want to work for my happiness, my dream life! My quiet home, sun drenched windows, soft music, brush in hand.Alone.Color and life and emotion.
No amount of money could pay for that kind of dream.
I am going to get serious.
No more doodles, no more half attempts.
I am going to get a sketch book (no more notebook paper! )
Quality tools
I am going to take the summer program for art
I am going to get an Ipad (santa? donate? Ebay?? Help?) The ipad has so many drawing and painting apps-this would be my drawing tablet.:)
I am going to stop idolizing the artists on Deviantart and sign up! !
Make a website for myself
and every spare moment I have (there are few-I go to school 7-2, go to work4-8 and go to bed12-6) DRAW!
I want this so badly, I can taste it!
To perfect my skill, to learn about the greats...Perspective prospective prospective....
My eyes were so opened today.
Thank you substitute teacher.
You made all the difference.