I'm cheating on my bf with my bff

I'm dating my boyfriend of three years, but my confession is I've been cheating on him for the past two years with my best friend who I'm completely in love with.

My best friend and I met on valentines day in 6th grade, 7 years ago.
We've liked each other since but we were always to shy to say anything.And this is how I began to cheat.
In the middle of our jr.Year of high school my BFF got extremely involved with this girl, she completely broke his heart.Since then I've seen him cry over her & since he's had trust issues and hasn't had a relationship since.I helped him with the break-up we talked for hours a day and got closer and closer.
One day we got on the subject of how much we liked each other when we were younger then we finally admitted we still did.At this point I was already dating my current bf for a year.It escalated to I said I would say we had a school project & I would come over.That day we ended up making love and afterward he told me in his arms and said we will be each others seconds forever it was so romantic the next day I broke up with my boyfriend for him.When I told my BFF that I did for him and that I wanted to be with him he said I'm sorry I can't be in another relationship because that other girl put him in a place he never wanted to be again.I was heartbroken and I didn't talk to him for the rest of the summer.

Senior year started and I was at the ftball game with bf.We got back together after my BFF didn't want a relationship and I told him nothing of my BFF.My bf was talking to one of my friends and she told him about I & my BFF.Me and my bf broke up one week later.

I ended up talking to my bff/lover again.
We started sleeping together on a regular basis he told me he didn't want a gf still & not for a couple of years.I was still hurt but at least I got to be with the man I love.I got lonely after awhile because we didn't see him much & I felt unwanted.I got back together with my bf and since then I don't want to let go of either.I love them both very much & I'd give anything for my lover but I'm scared of being alone so in with my bf and have been since.We still sleep together on occasion the man still I truly love lives 4hours away at college halfway across state.My bf treats me great is loyal and he doesn't deserve this but I do it anyway I love him to I really do but he's not my true love like my BFF Is and I can't change that...
That's my secret
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you confessed and got some advise that you already knew.
but here is a few questions for you to consider

if you love your Bff, if you truly do... Why are you still with your Boyfriend?

it is possible to love 2 people it really is. commitment to one person is not natural but a choice that we make because of love.
and here is a consept that you will eventually learn to be true.
you choose to love someone. just like you choose to respect someone.
its not necessary for you to do any of these things but in doing them you learn more about yourself and when you give something you'll start to expect it back.

you'll do what you want and most likely continue to do what you do.
good luck
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You need to put an end to this. What you're doing is cruel and if you really loved either of these people, you would break up with your current boyfriend so that he could find someone who could truly value him (which you obviously do not) and you would wait for your love until he was emotionally ready. To lead your partner on like this just so that you can say you're in a committed relationship is incredibly selfish, I'm sorry to state. I sincerely hope you find it in yourself to remedy this.
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Sorry to be harsh but That's low. Put it this way, would you want to be him? Would you
Want to be the one cheated on? No? I didn't think so. You need to
Choose and not drag this out any further. Why invest your heart and
Time on something you're not committed to. Again sorry to be harsh.
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