I'm bit weird, but who cares.

I was going a little kookoo because everyone in my family left to go some function and I was all alone at home, and this week has driven to the edge so...I sang to my ...window (but I was just watching the wind and the trees shake really).Then I went outside laid on the grass and got hot so I took my shirt off (I was wearing a sports bra) and tried to do some exercise.That didn't do anything so I go into my garage and grab as many spray paint cans as we have (3-black, silver, green) and go crazy at the trees near my house (surrounded by woods).I drew black heart flower and made my own chrome plants (silver).It was liberating and it just felt good!
Sorry plants...
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I'm glad it made you feel good! And being weird is fun. 'Sorry plants...' lol <33 :D