My dear, take my hand let's go to our own fantasy land, for your only a few feet away, but yet so far away. I wish we could finally speak of this unknown connection between me and you. I promise you, no one will never know just you and I. Each time I look within your beautiful eyes, I'm hoping that you can feel my vibes of how much I want to tell you how I feel. Please know it's for real.

Sometimes I daydream of this quiet connection we share; as I imagine we are somewhere special sitting on a couch across from a fireplace snuggling up close to each other talking, as we really get to know about one another. I really wish to know more of you. I'm sure you're just as beautiful inside as you are outside. If only this connection can be spoken one day. I wish we can tenderly look within each others eyes simultaneously as we feel each others vibes. I really wish we could share a very special moment just you and I.

"To you know who." (((((Hugs)))))))