Thank you for your kind words. If by any chance this could be really you, the one I truly find so amazing, who responded to my post. If it is you, please believe me I mean every word that I post for you. My dear, the one that is behind all these words is the one who looks within your beautiful eyes each time I have a few seconds to chat with you in the real.

Please know that you can feel free to talk with me about anything; you can trust me I would never expose our secret heartfelt delightful dreams.
My dear friend, you'll always be my beautiful one that I think of within my daydreams. I really wish we could finally make this secretly happen our hearts quietly whisper into one. Here's a little hint, that we both only know, so think about this for a few moments. My sweetheart, did you feel my fingertips softy touch your hand?"

I just want to say, if this is really you, "I always have, and I always will find you truly amazing. Ohhh, if only this could be you.

( ( ( ( ( You know who ) ) ) ) ) xoxo