No one can break this strong connection
I have with precious you.

We come from the same soul family.
We are attached to the same umbilical cord.
We are made of the same matter.

We breathe the same air.
We share the same thoughts.
We look alike.

We instantly felt that connection.
We gave our love energy to each other.
We have the same blueprint.

My prince, my lover and my friend.
They say that what we have,
is an illusion,
a lie or a made up dream.

Let them think ( who ever they are)
What they like.
A love like ours,
Is pure and true.

Nothing can tear us apart.
We are bonded through flesh and blood.
Through time and space,
We are inseparable.
Our souls meshed into one.

I'm never giving up on you.
They say love conquers all.
I will wait another thousand years.
You are worth,
waiting for, my one and only,
true love.