Taken from an extract, from the movie ~ Like Water For Chocolate

In 1669, Brandt, a chemist from Hamburg, while searching for the "philosophe's stone", discovered phosphorous.
My grandmother, morning star- she was a Kikapu Indian- she used to say, that we're all born with a box of matches inside.
We can't light them by ourselves.
Just like in this experiment, we need oxygen and the help of a candle.
Except, that in our case, the oxygen has to come, for example, from the lover's breath.
The candle can be anything:
A melody
A word
A caress
A sound
Just anything that pulls a trigger and sets off one of the matches.
Every person, has to discover, what will pull his trigger to enable him to live.
It is the explosive flame of a match, that feeds our souls.
If there is nothing , to trigger the explosion, our box of matches becomes damp and then we'll never be able to light any of them.
There are many ways to dry a damp match box.
You can be rest assured there is a cure.
Of course, it's important to light the matches one at a time because if an intense burst of emotion were to ignite them all at once, they would produce such a strong brilliance, that before our eyes, there would appear a tunnel of such radiance, showing us a path we forgot at birth.
The same path that calls us back to our divine origins.

You, my love, ignited the flame within me.
I will never stop loving you.
You will always be my true love.
If I let go of you, they say that in good time, our lover will return back to us.
It is the hardest thing to do but I know that true love, never dies.
Just know, my love, that I will always love you and if I have to release you from my heart, it is not out of selfishness.
It is because I profoundly love you.
A love like ours will last for eternity and if I don't come here, to secrettalk, it is because I am trying to light the rest of the matches within.
The matches within, have unfortunately become damp, but I am hoping I will find one trigger, that will re-ignite the matches within, one at a time.
I hope, you will find the same trigger, also.
I will always love you.
So please don't despair.
Have faith, in knowing, that when the timing is right, the universe will bring us back to each other, safely.
Love you and take care, my beloved, until we meet again. xxx

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