For the past couple weeks since I turned 25 I have felt like a failure in general and alone. Everyday I wake up go to work then head back home to do nothing till I head back into work the next day. I still live with my parents and have a part time job where I have been trying to prove to them that I deserve full time. I work a lot for a part timer and I feel like my bosses still don't appreciate me. Even though I still live with my parents I still can't afford to get much because I have been paying most of the rent for them because for some reason they need some of my income for it. they tell me they wouldn't be able to afford rent without me. I've been told to move out and get a life of my own but I am too nice of a guy to do that to my parents. I really would love to do that and get a life of my own but can't yet.

Now because of my living situation it's been hard for me to get my own car and so on. Because of that it has been hard for me to meet someone. Most of the time I am unable to get out of the house unless my mom doesn't need the car.

I do have friends but I still feel very alone. I need to find someone because I haven't had a real relationship with a girl in almost a good 2 years. I have felt real lonely because of it and even spent some money in hopes of finding someone on the site. (no luck yet there). I am the kind of guy who would love to meet someone offline and still no luck obviously. I don't really have any social anxiety unless I speak to a woman that I may have some interest in. Then I will get nervous. Recently I don't know what to expect from anyone.

Overall I am stuck at home with no car, no way of going out meeting people, and in a way I am embarrassed to meet someone due to where I am at in life. I feel like a failure because of it too.