Ok, well, I've had numerous occasions in life where I changed diapers from babies to adults on a few occasions. Most of this was babysitting, taking care of a relative before she died, and more babysitting. Anyway, I know most people are grossed out by diapers, especially the messy variety, however, my feelings about it range from 'meh, don't really care' to 'i kinda like the smell of this diaper' etc. So, this doesn't happen to me ALL the time, but why is it that i sometimes feel a sense of happiness or even slight euphoria when changing a dirty diaper? And what's even more odd is that its not an all-the-time feeling for me. I guess I'm just slightly embarassed, and feeling a bit weird, but I needed to bring this up to get it out in the open.

I'm 40, female, from U.S. - anyone else ever experience something remotely like this? *sigh* Thanks for listening at least.