I self harm

recently i've finished with the lad of my dreams and started to self harm. i find it really hard to let go and i want to kill my self.
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Self harm will not make your life better; making your life better will prevent self harm. Be the best YOU you can be. Never give, dont let people get you down, & win this battle. <3
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well you can look at my page i do the same.
i cut yesturday night
and now i regret it
im sure you would regret it too because at first its a big relief
but then you feel regret and embarresed
you know its not right and it will only get worse
remember: temporary releif of pain is bad
this is an unhealthy way
iv been ther. trust me
well you have to first get rid of all the things that make you cut
then you have to get away from all the things that trigger you wanting to cut
mostly, you have to distract your self in any way you can
the second i feell like cuttting i run out of my house and take a walk
please dont cut , it ruins people , it ruined me
im still sruggeling to get through it
God bless you <3 take care
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