I miss you, I really do

I miss you my dear friend
I never thought this would be the end
You were so happy wonderful, bright
But then someone came a long and shut out the light

I miss you dear friend what have you done
When life dragged you down you considered a gun
Just the pull of a trigger and then you were lost
But the end of your life came at a terrible cost

I miss you dear friend and can't let you go
You were my life and will always be so
Whenever I walk the wind says your name
It wasn't your fault you were never to blame

I miss you dear friend tears roll from my eyes
The thought of your sorrow beneath all those lies
I'll miss you forever but it's not long enough
To truly come to terms that your gone it's tough

I miss you dear friend now I'm all alone
you were the one place that I could call home
Where you would go I'd follow back and forth
If I was a compass you'd be my North

I miss you dear friend I hope your happy where you are
I remember you fondly when I look at the stars
You were so special that will always be true
And I know for certain I will alway love you

Goodbye my dear friend
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wow how nice :)

wish i had a friend who would wright a poem when i die
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