I miss her.

I miss how things used to be with my sister and I
we were like...so close.Now, I know we'd always share that 'bond' that no one else will quite understand, we have that whole thing of being able to now how the other is thinking, what our glances to each other means and stuff.
But.We rarely ever talk these days.
So she's in uni now.And shehas a boyfriend.And work.And that's basically her life now that she is 18-years-old
And here I am the 16-yearold, probably still with the immature mindset of a 13-year-old.I joke around with her, hoping that maybe she'd have time for me.Which only makes her more grumpy.She doesn't have time for me! When she's not working she's at uni or with her boyfriend, when not with her boyfriend she's at work or uni.When she's not with her boyfriend she's at work or uni.
I'm not mad at him though.She's so happy with him.
But still, I miss her.Even though I see her everyday, I miss her.
Even when we fight, at least we're talking!
And we don't even fight! We play fight.We do the whole bicker then burst out laughing because none of us can stay angry at the other.
But still.

And we're even completey different people as well!
We're into completey different things, except we still share some interests.
And I'm too ignorant to acknowledge that she doesn't give a crap about my latest obsessions with anime and music.
I just annoy her anyway.
It's something to do.
At least she's giving me attention.

What I hate though, if that when I want to make time for us, she doesn't want to.So we don't.But when she wants to it's short notice and usually when I can't be stuffed.But I do it anyway!
Because she probably knows that I miss hanging out just the two of us.She knows I'll say yes.
But, as you guess, I don't care.Because at least we're hanging out.

I'm so naive and immature.I'm like a friggin toddler.Stupid attention seeker.
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your not looking for attention, you just feel like something missing from your life.
I know how's that feeling.
Just tell her that you miss her, that you want some time alone for you both :)
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