So before I even get started on this I want to get this across: I don't care if you guys think I'm too young or whatever to "feel love." Love doesn't have a f*****g age when it kicks in like puberty. Thanks.

Now onto the interesting s**t. So back in late late December I randomly added this guy on Facebook. It said he went to my school and there were some mutual friends so I was like cool alright, so I added him. Well it turned out he was locked up when I added him so he didn't accept the request right away. But by the next week we were talking. And at first it was like, "Cool we can meet up and hook up," type of thing. (I'm 17 FYI). Well he came over one day because I stayed home just so I could meet him. My mom was home but tbh she knows I can handle myself. Anyway there was just something about him online, his kindness.the way he talked.not to mention he was physically attractive. Long story short we hooked up that day and by that weekend we were dating. The first I mean WOW. Of course we had ups and downs but what relationship doesn't. Then my mood swings got out of hand (I have a mood disorder) and long story short we ended it after a little over two months had gone by. But the thing is my feelings are still there. And its been.Like three months since we broke it off. And I know I'm in love. Because I've even talked to my therapist about it and she's late 30's and engaged so she understands love, and she even says it sounds pretty legit to her. Also.I can tell just by the way he makes me feel when I'm around him. Just looking at him makes me happy. My parents are more worried about my future relationships over anything. They keep telling me not to push other "opportunities' away and I'm like um excuse me but I'll do what I want in my love life thanks. They are more concerned about me never having kids or getting married and I'm like I love someone, I don't give a f*ck about that. I want him and only him. No one else. Ever. In my life. And I'm not gong to listen to anyone who agrees with my parents. Not because you're agreeing, but because that argument is bs. I'm seventeen why would I care about all that other bs. I have my eyes on one person only. No one can change that, no one.