I never thought or I could ever feel something so strong and true as I feel with you, how my heart opens up to you totally never feeling any fear or apprehension could come to me. Never before have I thought I could feel something so strong and true as I do when you and I have gotten together, when you had discovered the love you truly feel for me within your heart.
Oh my darling, I need you within my life to feel the warmth of your body against mine as well as the warmth of your heart, your love, to envelope me so sweetly. For without you, my life is so shallow and meaningless, no real meaning to do forward to the future. For there is no future without you, my Love, the world around me has no meaning at all, the roses have no fragrant aroma, but rank and disgusted to my soul and the brilliance of the sunset or sunrise, means nothing to me. For, I want to share it all with you. Only you,
the woman, the Princess who I love and adore with all my heart and soul.
How I want to speak to you all of this, and so much more, but the words seem not to come to me for what I feel is not about words but emotions.
There is so many things I want to say. I want to share with you, but there is not enough time to reveal to you all that my heart holds for you. But fear not, my Love, for my heart is always true to you and you are always in my thoughts and dreams. Because, I love and adore you, more than words could ever truly reveal while longing to be with you each chance I can. For only when I'm with you, do I feel that my life is complete and whole, when I hold you so close within my arms, so close and tight, or even when you are close to me as well.
My Darling, you are the only one my heart years to be with, for with one smile, one touch, one kiss, you have penetrated my heart so much. So much more than anyone ever has, and even when troubles come to me you are always there for me when I am sick or feeling the world down around me, you are always there to lift me up with your love and kindness that envelopes me so much.
I know that I'm not the most perfect man, I have my own faults, my own problems, but you will always be there to push me forward and never give up on my life. Your touch of your fingers running through my hair, holding my hand, or fingers moving over the skin of the top of my hand entices me so much. Yet, all that I have to do, is to look into your dark blue eyes and know that I'm with someone so special that means the world to me, and that you will always be there for me, always and forever as I will for you.

I love you, my Princess.