with so much intensity.
It was LOVE at first sight.
A fairy-tale,
every girl dreams of.
Undoubtedly, a strong chemistry,
that can't be matched.

You bring out the most,
wildest, raging and primal,
instincts out of me.
I lose all control,
like a turbulent tempest.

I feel you so much,
as I lie awake,
just thinking,
about you.
I close my eyes.
Float into your eyes
to restore a,
long lost sacred bond.

As our souls connect,
I feel your passionate,
burning energy,
enter my body,
through my heart.

As the cosy numbness,
of fire combined with ice,
exhilarates and thrills me,
I feel the energy of your love,
embrace and arouse me.

Your subtle caress,
feels like a tingling sensation.
Awakening the serpent,
in my sacral chakra.

As your spirit,
merges into mine.
You awaken every,
dormant cell.

It is like feeling the warmth,
of the spring sun,
radiate throughout,
my entire being.
Such an exhilarating feeling,
to behold.

We are like,
two asteroids,
racing for,
head on collision.
Without fearing the impact,
We explode.

An explosion of tumultuous,
orgasmic chasm,
of love,
shooting through me,
going upwards,
towards heaven.
Oh, so close to Godly.

I call this,
the fire of love.
It is like,
free falling,
from a cliff.
The sudden impact,
makes me feel alive.

I cry and feel joy,
at the same time.

A silent knowing,
that I am loved,
no matter,
where you are.