Today hasn't been even remotely good. I should've known that it wouldn't be last night. I went to sleep early, but only because babe didn't text me back. I felt somewhat well-rested this morning, but only after tossing and turning and waking up covered in sweat several times during the night. I called the bank to see if my check had direct deposited probably 7 times before I even went into work-- and had a horrible sinking feeling in my gut when I realized it hadn't been deposited, and probably wouldn't be. When I got to work, a few others asked our trainer why we didn't have our money. That's when we all checked the system and realized our DD information had been kicked from the shïtty system. Great. Now I won't get paid until Saturday. If I even get it in the mail then, because you never know with snail mail. Not that the bank will be open so I can deposit it then, anyway. Because that's really what I need right now-- to have it all in my bank account so I can make sure my bills are paid and my gas tank and refrigerator are bountiful. I haven't eaten normally in weeks. I've had to starve myself because I really haven't had the food. I'm at the point of vomiting when I eat a normal meal because my stomach just isn't the same anymore. Normal portions are too much. I eat like a bird.
To top it all off, S (from work) called. She's one of the HR people. I'm scared. I have no idea what she would call for, and her voicemail was painfully vague. She only requested that I return her call. No indication of why I would need to, or what she wanted to speak of. Only "call me back at xxx-xxx-xxxx." I'm terrified that phone call will just make a bad day worse, so I'm opting to pretend I didn't see it. If she calls back tomorrow, I'll answer. If not, I'm leaving it alone until another day. It's almost the weekend and I'm so exhausted from work that it's ridiculous. Not to mention how low my spirit is right now from being so god dämn poor and hungry after having worked three weeks at this place. I make pretty good money, not that you can tell right now. I just want everything to be okay.
Why can't everything ever just be okay?