Does it help, if I have conversations with you and meet up at the special place, we last spoke?
You can share all your worries and anything else you would like to discuss.
I can place my hand on your heart and try to gently soothe, comfort and calm your pain, if this helps and after we have finished talking, I would love to cradle you in my arms followed by a warm embrace and finally kiss you on your forehead.
I don't know what else I can do.
All I suppose I can do is ~ Love You.
If I have to wait for you, in the next life, to come to me, I will.
You are worth the wait.
In 5D you and I can go anywhere but I know it must be hard for you, to not be able to pour out what ever needs to be said in the physical.
Just know one thing, although you and I are miles apart~ I LOVE YOU SO DEEPLY AND PROFOUNDLY and nothing can STOP me from loving you <3